Welcome to Dave George Online! Hopefully  we can become friends, partners, collaborators, etc.

Navigating through what I call the Internet Marketing Jungle can can be tough and intimidating. It is easy to get lost and get filled with hope or despair.  Without a map or guide, your chances of finding a way through can be near impossible.

Hopefully you and I can help each other to reach our ultimate goal.

Consider this site a map if you will of our path through the jungle toward the ultimate destination – success as an Internet Marketer.

Many of you have probably had minimal success in the IM industry even though you may have been involved with it for a couple of years or more.

So why aren’t living on some beach somewhere. Let’s look at it:

Is it too hard? – No, I haven’t seen any training that by following the process anyone couldn’t do.

Too expensive? – Again, no because there are ways to be successful without having to sell the kids (I know for some of you that idea might sound tempting but….lol).

Work a full-time job -Many have a full-time job that limits your time but so do others that have become very successful. You also have a family that for some reason that may escapes you, wants to spend time with you.

Where to focus – There are so many options, so limited brain cells…right? What is the best area of Internet Marketing to go into? For example there is Kindle, article marketing, social marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing,etc.

Depending on whose advice you get, one or many of those methods in that list above is dead or dying and only new training over in this direction will work. Because none of us want to work hard only to fail, we fall into the trap and buy that new training only to find another new training in some other area that is better (so the sales page says)

Like many of you, I suffer greatly from SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome), procrastination, fear of failure, afraid of embarrassing myself, being ridiculed, etc. But the bottom line for many of you is (let me pause while I take a deep breath), you find it easier to get new programs/ideas and dream of the success you can have rather than take the time to do what you need to do to be successful.

Sorry for being so blunt. But just you know, I have been there myself and still fight it this day, every day.

So what is this blog about? Basically, I don’t want you to feel alone or feel that you are a failure and that is all that you will ever be. This is not a site about a failure who is now a success and by buying my e-book, video, webinar, coaching program, you can be too! I’m hoping that if you’re willing to follow along with me, I will tell you what I’m doing, what is working or not, difficulties I run into along the way, and hopefully introduce you to people who can really help you become successful too.

Why am I doing this? To give you the opportunity to learn with me what is working and what is not. Along the way I plan on offering tips that I have learned that work for me, websites that have helped me, etc.

Secondly, I’m hoping that you will use this site to express yourself. Whether it is successes that you had (no matter how small), frustrations you have had, gurus that have helped you and how, or gurus that have hurt you and how.

This isn’t just my journey, hopefully it will become OUR journey. While I’m sharing some of the successes or pitfalls, I’m hoping you will also share what has been happening to you (good and bad).

So hopefully you will join me as I go through this journey and as much as you like, share how your journey is progressing. It begins here…..

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