Do You Have An Internet Marketing Mindset?

By | December 27, 2013

Internet Marketing MindsetSo you want to make money online! Congratulations, this can be a very satisfying as well as rewarding career for you. There are endless opportunities to make money in a variety of ways.  For example, there is bum marketing, video marketing, write Kindle books, sell physical product, create PLR, Facebook marketing, Pinterest marketing, etc, etc. That is just scratching the surface because there are dozens of ways to make money online legally and ethically and it is just a matter of picking the right method for you.

However, before you go madly dashing off to create your new found fortune, you need to take stock of where you are at right now. Most people when first starting out buy some kind of training package through Clickbank or a WSO on the Warrior Forum, maybe start it and get confused or don’t feel it is the right method for them and so they try another one, then maybe another one because that one looks easier, faster, more doable, and so on. Next thing you know you are in BSO (Bright Shiny Object) hell and much like the Hotel California “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” You buy one product after another because it looks better than any of the ones you have and/or it provides training on something that you aren’t doing now but it sounds interesting and I might want to do later so I better get it now when it is so cheap.

Whether you are new to this or have been working hard to make some kind of income online, it is important that you have the proper mindset before taking another step.  Let’s see if you have the proper mindset:

  • Are you ready to make the commitment (mainly of time) that this takes just to make a little money.
  • How is your confidence. If you’re going from one BSO to another, I’m guessing part of the problem is confidence. You don’t feel you can do one or several of the steps outlined in the course so you find another course that doesn’t make you do something you are not comfortable in doing.
  • Do you have constraints on your time, that make it difficult for you to get any real progress made before you have to stop?
  • How strong is your ability to focus on a task without getting distracted (“Oh, look at the pretty kitty. I’ll be right back”)?
  • Last but not least is, bottom line how bad do you really need to do this. Notice I didn’t saw want or desire – I said NEED. A lot of the most successful Internet Marketers had a mindset that started with need because failure would be catastrophic for their family and themselves

When I read or listen to successful Internet Marketers and they tell their story and how they got started, you will see all of the attributes that I discussed above. How about you? Is there something that is missing? If so, what are you going to do? You really have only two options – work on fixing what you are missing or realize that maybe this isn’t the right path for you. I don’t mean to be harsh because quite frankly I’m rooting for you. I’m here to help you and the bottom line that no one wants to say is not every one is cut out to do this. All of things I mentioned about can be instilled in you. If you truly need to do this but you are lacking in one of the other attributes to have an internet marketing mindset, pick one method to work with and use that method to develop the skill that is missing out of your mindset. Once you have all of the attributes I mentioned to you then you will be on your why to a successful internet marketing career.

If you have the time, here is a Google Hangout with some very successful Internet Marketers (Dennis Becker, Barb Ling, Connie Ragen Green, John Paduchak, and Justin Popovic.) discussing what they feel is important to have the proper Internet Marketing Mindset. These are some great marketers and you will do well to listen to them.

Tell me what works for you. If you have anything you would like to add, post them in the comments for me and everyone else to learn.

Good luck! I’m pulling for you.

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