Be an IM Marketer – Not an IM Buyer!

By | January 8, 2015

I could not even begin to guess how many different IM products are available right now. If you want a professional estimate, I would say a lot. If you truly want to have a successful online career, do yourself a favor and please do not become a professional buyer, buying one course after another after another. You start one program and before you can even digest it, you have moved on the next “sure thing”.  If you truly want to become successful, find a course that will certainly teach you the basics in the area of marketing you are interested in, make sure you understand it and create a plan for accomplishing it and then just….do.

The proInformation Overloadblem chronic buyers have is that they develop analysis paralysis also known as information overload. Theystart off with a new course thinking they have to know everything before starting so they try to read the long E-book that’s included as part of the course as well as any bonus material or OTO’s “to enhance” learning the material more quickly (of course). Then sit thru 5 – 10+ videos that last anywhere from a couple of minutes to two hours for each video. Whew! Who has that much time because more than likely you are either still working a full-time job or if you are a full-time marketer you are losing precious production time.

Why do people keep buying course after course after course and yet get nowhere? Hope, fear and (yes, I’m going to say it) laziness. People buy because just maybe this course is the one that they can really get into and become successful. That’s what makes ‘Make 10K a day in your pajamas in just one week working less than 30 minutes a day” type of products so popular. They are providing hope. Hope that “Maybe this product will make me successful”.

Fear is another reason because once someone buys a course and they start reading it, they all of a sudden get scared. They are going to be asked to do things that are out of their comfort zone which in many cases anything that requires doing more than pulling out their credit card and buying the next Bright Shiny Object. They will find something about the course that makes them uncomfortable and never even try to overcome it.

Laziness just might be the most powerful reason of all because combining it with fear it will paralyze a person from taking any action. It’s much easier to buy a course and read the e-book or watch the videos than actually do it. If you actually start to implement any of the training and you run into any kind of roadblock, it’s just easier to get seduced by the next course that promises easy riches. This is where fear also rears its ugly head. As they start implementing the steps specified in the training start getting worried about things like: “What if I do this and people laugh at me or make fun of me?” “What if I do it and then nothing happens. My spouse is already after me about being on the computer all of the time”.  Take laziness and add in fear and this person is ready to move on to the next big thing without looking back.

So if you are a “chronic buyer”, what do you do? Pick a training, blogging, video, review sites, Kindle, oh hell, I don’t care, pick anything! If you need pick it out of a hat if you can’t make up your damn mind.  Once you pick whatever your direction is, start implementing the training in very, very small bite-sized chunks. That way you are doing instead of overwhelming yourself with the whole process. People will look at the training in its entirety and go: “I don’t think I can do all of this” (laziness & fear combined). Instead of going thru the whole training before implementing (as unfortunately some product creators recommend). Take notes while watching the video, highlight the section of the e-book you are reading – then DO IT! No matter how small or (big word coming) inconsequential that action might be it is moving you forward instead of stuck in neutral and that’s a good thing. If you spend all day reading and/or listening not only are you going to be overwhelmed but you are going to be out of time to implement what you just learned! By the time you are able to get back to it, you will have forgotten a lot (another reason to take notes and/or highlight) so you either end up restarting or most likely you have already discovered a new shiny object to take its place.

By taking things in small chunks, you can more easily fit it into your schedule. In addition, you will have a sense of accomplishment because you are actually accomplishing something positive that will help propel you to accomplishing your ultimate goal – success in Internet Marketing!

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